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Reforming education February 21, 2007

Posted by rajindran in Reforming education.
Improving the quality and equity of education is a difficult challenge in many countries.

PROF NELSON: Globalisation is increasing the urgency of rapid improvements in education.IT is heartening to know that the current problems faced by the Malaysian education system are not unique to our country.

The depressing news is that most other countries with similar problems have not had much success in solving their problems either.

Says Prof Dr Joan Nelson: “The history of efforts to reform and improve education is replete with cases of well-meaning, well-designed measures that were implemented only partially, or were seriously diluted in the course of implementation, or were put in place but later reversed.”
She adds that after the first impetus, the tendency for established institutions to resist change asserts itself and the system reverts to its original “default setting”.

While stakeholders realise the importance of educational reform, there are many factors that hamper change. read more


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