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Maybank Education Star February 21, 2007

Posted by rajindran in Education Star.

There are many joys in being a parent, seeing your child’s first steps, hearing their first words and sending them on their first day of school…However, together with all the joys of parenthood, there is also the more serious aspect of planning for your child’s education future.

With escalating daily living costs, financial planning is a necessity to ensure you have adequate funds for your child’s education future.A child’s most expensive years start when schooling starts. And it ends only when their tertiary education is completed. From school fees to supplies, from tuition to books, the costs keep on escalating well into young adulthood.

Maybank’s Education Star package is specifically designed to help parents make informed choices on their children’s education future. Parents are able to choose from a wide range of affordable plans based on their needs and budget and breathe easy knowing that their child’s education future is taken care of.

These are the plans that help you invest smartly and plan for your child’s future:-

Yippiecare 2

Child Education Plan

Gives your child protection while helping you build your child’s education fund, giving you twice the sum insured at maturity

Takaful Alif Syariah-compliant Education Plan

Helps you build your child’s future education fund in an affordable way with Takaful benefit coverage

Premier Education Savers

Investment-linked Plan

Helps you save for your child’s education future while maximising the value of your savings through strategic allocation of your investments

Yippie Club Savings Account

Created to help them cultivate a good saving habit while giving them a head start in saving for their future

Premier Mudharabah account

Syariah-compliant deposit account

Help your child save for his or her future in accordance with Islamic principles


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